Giardinetto Cooperative was born in 1982 as a result of an association of agricultural producers who were specialized on fruit and vegetable products. They aimed to carry out production and marketing of foodstuffs coming from the territories of Orsara di
Puglia, Troia, Bovino and Foggia.
In 1983 the social base started the experimentation of the first asparagus production facilities and, after a first pioneering phase, Giardinetto has become one of the main protagonists of this production within the province of Foggia. Nowadays
Giardinetto means:
- 150 associated agricultural producers
- 500hectares of land cultivated with horticultural crop
- 1.500 hectares for cereals
- 2 manufacturing stores
- automated manufacturing lines
– a qualified technical staff, also specialized for production control.

All the agricultural produces of the associates are obtained following the
strict disciplinary of the Integrated Production, while the use of a Quality
Handbook is a guaranty of a complete control for the whole production
phases to get an healthy product by employing techniques that doesn’t
spoil environment. The steady control on all production phases, place
in the ground, cultivation, harvest, storage, packaging and transport,
is also a guaranty for a uninterrupted improvement of quality.

  Green asparagus
  Violet asparagus
  Courgettes, peppers, aubergines, melons

  Line of asparagus
  Line of artichoke
  Line of tomatoes
  Line of creams
  Line of side dishes

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