Green asparagus (Aspararagus officianalis)
Since 1982 Giardinetto Cooperative has experimented the first plants of asparagus and, today, thanks to the development of this cultivation, the cooperative is one of the main producers in the province of Foggia.
Specialized asparagus-grower associates cultivate a soil wider than 200 hectares, distributed in the territories of the province of Foggia.
The asparagus of Giardinetto is certified EUREP GAP. A qualified staff of technicians constantly check the production in all its phases: cultivation, harvesting, storage, packaging and transport in observance of the Quality Manual provided for by the certification.
During cultivation phase the producers scrupulously follow the advice of specialized agronomists to respect the production disciplinary. Numerous multi-residual tests, before harvesting, confirm the total absence of phytopharmacies.
The harvesting has got very painstaking times and ways, so that the product can’t result withered nor with inadequate characteristics. The transport to the conditioning centre is done spending as less time as possible, so that the asparagus preserves its freshness.
After storage and conditioning phases the asparagus is manufactured and packaged. The asparagus of Giardinetto Cooperative, besides containing organoleptic and healthy virtues, thanks to the chemical-physical and structural characteristics of its soil and to the favourable climatic conditions, is different from the others produced in Italy for its completely edible stem (at least 25cm. of taste!) and for its entirely green colour, so to be named “wholly green asparagus of Daunia”, a peculiarity which is going to give it the IGP quality trademark.

Diameter 8-12mm. (asparagina) 8 pieces of 500gr. – 12 pieces of 500gr.
Diameter 12-16mm. (medium asparagus) 8 – 12 – 14 pieces of 500gr. – 12 – 20 pieces of 250gr.
Diameter higher than 16mm. (asparagus extra or fiorone) 8 – 12 pieces of 500gr.

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