Violet asparagus (Aspararagus officianalis)
During the last years Giardinetto has been trying to differentiate green asparagus production with that of the violet one, achieving a big praise on market. Today the asparagus-growers have extended their own fields cultivated with asparagus bringing this new type in the territories of Foggia, Troia ed Orsara di Puglia. Year after year the success in
this production is involving an always bigger number of producers.
In comparison with the green ones, violet asparagus waits at table exclusive qualities, it is soft and buttery because it’s less fibrous, delicate and basically sweeter, less strong in smell.
Its organoleptic virtues make it principally suitable to be cooked with very sophisticated dishes such as boiled, steamed, roast fish, white meat or in refined sauces.

Diameter 8-12mm. (asparagina) 8 pieces of 500gr. – 12 pieces of 500gr.
Diameter 12-16mm. (medium asparagus) 8 – 12 – 14 pieces of 500gr. – 12 – 20 pieces of 250gr.
Diameter higher than 16mm. (asparagus extra or fiorone) 8 – 12 pieces of 500gr.

  Green asparagus
  Violet asparagus
  Courgettes, peppers, aubergines, melons
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